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MediaFunnel is the easy to use, enterprise social media management platform that will allow you to involve more employees in promoting and protecting your brand.

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MediaFunnel Is The Easy To Use, Enterprise Social Media Management Platform That Will Allow You To Involve More Employees In Promoting And Protecting Your Brand.

Discover: Monitor for mentions of your brand and other keywords.

Engage: Converse with your audience

Support: Assign & manage customer requests

Market: Drive more visitors to your landing pages and your blog
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Assign Tweets and Facebook posts to specific MediaFunnel users for issue handling or inquiry follow up.


Schedule a tweet or a post to be published on a specific day and at a specific time. Post at the optimal times of day and days of the week.

Brand Monitoring

Set up background Brand Monitoring based on keywords, mentions, direct messages and more. Brand Monitoring runs 24/7 and stores results for months.

Multiple Channels

Connect to multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts

Multiple Languages

The MediaFunnel user interface is available in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. Each user within an account can select the language.

Multiple Users

MediaFunnel supports administratorpublisher and contributor roles. For each social media channel,set a user for no access or a specific level of access.

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