When someone posts to Facebook via a third party application, the default tag at the bottom of the Facebook post reads X minutes ago via <Vendor’s Brand>. You will also see the icon for the vendor’s app at the bottom left of the post. What’s more, both the vendor’s brand and the icon are normally also links to the vendor’s site.

Facebook displays the vendor’s brand because the post flowed into Facebook via the vendor’s Facebook app. Within a Facebook app, <Vendor’s Brand> is called the “Display Name”. As an example, here is what a post submitted from within MediaFunnel 2 displays by default:

Change Facebook Via Display Name and Icon

Some social media management vendors do not allow you to change via <Vendor’s Brand> to via <Your Brand>, despite the fact that this can be technically accomplished fairly easily by adding a Facebook app and linking this app to a social media management account.

One reason some vendors don’t allow this may be that these vendors do not want to lose their brand exposure on Facebook if a customer’s brand is substituted for theirs. Another reason might be that more customer interaction and support is needed when one of their customers needs to add their own Facebook app.

Facebook App Detail Screen

Change Facebook “Via” in MediaFunnel

With MediaFunnel’s social media White Label option ($99.95 per month) your organization can ensure that your users’ posts display on Facebook as via <Your Brand> (or via <Your Client’s Brand>).

Once you have White Label enabled, all you need to do is:

  1. Create your own Facebook app
  2. Enter specific data about your app within MediaFunnel

You can get started by signing up for MediaFunnel’s Premium Plan.