Social Media for HR DashboardMany qualified job seekers Tweet their inquires about available positions at companies they’re interested in.

In order not to miss out on qualified applicants, it’s important for HR managers to consistently monitor Twitter for conversations and direct inquiries related to employment at their organizations.

Engaging Potential Applicants on Twitter

With MediaFunnel, a team of Human Resources managers — even if they’re geographically distributed — can easily collaborate on Twitter engagement with potential hires.

With MediaFunnel, enterprises can create Brand Monitoring terms and Brand Alerts so that HR users are notified about Tweets related to employment at their organization.

HR Job Postings on Social Media Sites

Social Media Dashboard Job Postings

Human Resource managers can also post their new job openings directly on Twitter.  Using a shortened URL, a link to a full job description can be easily included in the Tweet.

By using a URL shortener to link to job postings, HR managers can view shortener analytics to track the number of clickthroughs and determine demographics.

Social Media Analytics for Human Resources Managers

Job Posting URL Shortener Analytics

There are a variety of other social media for HR possibilities with a social media dashboard, including Tweeting company updates that might be of interest to potential applicants.