11 Tips For Getting More Facebook Fans

11 Tips For Getting More Facebook Fans

More Facebook FansGetting more Facebook fans isn’t simply including the link in your email signature or suggesting your page to your Facebook friends to like.

Like virtually all forms of social media, engagement, interaction and providing consistent value will aid you in the process of building your Facebook fan base on your fan page.

More Facebook Fans – Specific Things You Can Do

To get the ball rolling on expanding that base, here are 11 tips on driving Facebook fan page engagement:

Short updates.

Much like Twitter, keep your posts short and sweet. While it may be easy to “ramble,” more fans will read your content if it’s shorter. More reads = more shares.

Comment/like your own posts.

The more interaction on a post, the higher the post will appear in your friends’ Top News news feed.

Call to action.

Always encourage your fans to like, comment or share the content. Each time a fan comments or likes a post, that action will show up in each of their friends’ Facebook stream, increasing your page’s visibility to potential fans and setting you up to get more Facebook fans.

Link it up.

Begin adding links to your Facebook fan page on your blog, website, email signatures – anywhere you have a legitimate presence. Design and install a Facebook Like Box. Begin driving subscribers to your Facebook fan page and a natural growth cycle of more Facebook fans should begin.

Facebook Like BoxAdd a Facebook Like Box.

The Like box is an application that provides a mini fan page on your website or blog. A common place to put the box is in a sidebar/widget on blogs. The Like Box shows a few recent posts on the page and number of fans. Posting exclusive content on Facebook and having the Like Box show that on your website will drive traffic to your site and your Fan page, increasing your likes.

Suggest to Friends.

Every so often, encourage fans to suggest your page to their friends – especially fans with large numbers of friends. If enough fans suggest, you will see more Facebook fans from that and inclusion in the news feed. If you’re a fan of subtlety instead, share your posts by clicking “Share” at the bottom of the Facebook page posts, which will make the post appear on your personal stream as a status update.


Special offer announcements, or exclusive images, posts, or other forms of content will assist in driving Facebook fan page growth.

Post content other than your own.

Share others’ content and tag if possible, through the use of the “@” symbol in your status. Sharing third party content gets your Facebook fan name further out and will likely encourage sharing of your content by others.

Fresh content is key.

Don’t always post pictures. Don’t always post links. Switch up the form of the content, which administrator posts it (if possible) and the tone and style used. Doing so keeps your fans on their toes and encourages constant contact with the fan page.

Target the right demographic.

Know who uses Facebook. Quantcast estimates females between 12-34 are the highest percentage of users on Facebook. If your target demographic are senior males over the age of 50, you may need to change your strategy slightly to see success. Glee will be more popular on Facebook than AARP’s fan page. (10.5 million to 20k, respectively.)

Should you use Facebook ads?

Some say yes, others say no. For some demographics, targeted advertising could be beneficial. But it’s generally suggested organic growth helps build an engaged fan page quicker than paid growth.

Acquiring More Facebook Fans Over Time

Facebook fan pages will only grow with resources, time, and dedication. Growth will rarely happen overnight. Encourage participation, post quality content that’s easy to share, and promote your fan page and the likes will follow.

Stay tuned in the following weeks for more tips on how to get more Facebook fans!

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