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Facebook Timeline Fan PageIn our previous post on Facebook Timeline for business, we discussed the new design features of Facebook Timeline and the ways you can leverage them to capture your audience. In this post, we’ll go into more depth about the new technical attributes that you can use to your advantage.

Facebook Timeline for Fan Page Features: “Pin to Top” Wall Posts

We talked a bit about the “Pin to Top” feature in our 5 Ways to Keep Getting Likes With Facebook Timeline post, but we’ll explain details in this article. With Timeline, your business can have a featured Wall post for up to seven days. This means that you can choose one of your Wall posts to be highlighted at the top of all your posts for about a week. To choose a post to highlight, hover on the right hand corner of the post, click on the pencil icon, and choose “Pin to Top” (see below).

Facebook Timeline Fan Page

You’ll know that your post has been “Pinned to Top” when you see a gold flag on it (below).

Facebook Timeline Fan Page

Facebook Timeline for Fan Page Features: Star a Story

Another way to highlight a particular post is to “star” one of them. Starring a post will expand the post to widescreen view. Here is a post before starring:

Facebook Timeline Fan Page

Here is the post after starring:

Facebook Timeline Fan Page

So, you ask, how do I star something? Similar to the Pin to Top process, you must hover over the right hand side of the post and click on the star icon (below).

Facebook Timeline Fan Page


Facebook Timeline for Fan Page Features: Milestones

Another way to highlight posts is to create Milestones for your business’ achievements. Note: Before you enter your first Milestone, you will be prompted to create a Founding Milestone for your company that states the date of your company’s founding. To create a Milestone, go to your status bar and type the Milestone that you want to post.

Facebook Timeline Fan Page

Now, click on “Milestone.” Enter the information in the form to create your Milestone. You can also add an image.

Facebook Timeline Fan Page Milestone

Click Save, and you’ve created your milestone.

Facebook Timeline Fan Page

You can learn more about Facebook Timeline’s new features at Facebook’s Help Center. Continue learning about your new tools, and enjoy designing your Timeline page.

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