6 Tips For Creating an Effective Facebook Welcome Tab

Facebook Welcome TabThe Facebook welcome tab is an excellent marketing opportunity for your business. It is a first impression of your company and either urges a user to “Like” your business or click away from it. Let’s go over some advice for creating an effective welcome tab.

1. First, understand what your business objectives are at the time that you create your welcome page. What do you want your users to do? Do you want to win more fans and have their friends take notice of your company? Do you want to sell tickets to an event? Do you want to promote your newest product? Knowing your goals will help you decide how to use the welcome tab to your advantage.

2. Once you’ve decided on your goals, create a corresponding call (or calls) to action. Although the call to action for many welcome tabs is to drive a user to “Like” their business, companies also use the welcome tab for more specific and time-sensitive objectives. For example, Britney Spears’ current welcome tab invites the user to listen to her new single or download it on iTunes. Her Facebook marketer’s goal is to obviously increase awareness of the song and grow sales. The welcome tab also has a list of tour dates, a link to join her mailing list, and a “Personal Message from Britney” to “Facebookers.” All these are very engaging, help build her brand, and boost mp3 and ticket sales.

3. Be sure to really leverage the “Like” button. Convince users that they will gain something from “Liking” your page. This reward can be anything from “exclusive insider information,” to secret discount codes, to unique media content, to free products. In the same vein, you can make certain items unavailable to users unless they click the “Like” button. If we go back to the Britney Spears example, we see that we cannot watch her music videos unless we “Like” her page. In fact, when we try clicking on a video, a prompt states: “You must Like this page to play this content!” If you become Britney’s fan, you are also rewarded with the ability to stream her tracks for free. Businesses utilize the “Like” button to let users “enter to win” contests, vote on an issue or product, or play online games. You can also create excitement for an event or product launch by having a countdown on your welcome tab.

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4. Use a powerful image on your welcome tab. Users respond to anything visual, whether it be stationary or video. You can even animate your image as Chanel does on their welcome tab. Some companies tempt users to “Like” their pages by making their welcome tabs a transparent layer which hides content that seems almost within reach.

5. Tweets are great welcome page content. If you have a strong Twitter following, bring your page to life by streaming live Tweets onto your welcome page.

6. If you manage e-commerce, make it easy for users to buy your product quickly. Some businesses place images of multiple products directly onto their welcome tab, with purchase buttons right beside them for efficient shopping.

The possibilities are really endless in terms of using welcome tabs to propel Facebook users to action. Be sure to first hone in on your marketing goals and work from there to create an attention-grabbing welcome tab.

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