5 Ways to Keep Getting Likes With Facebook Timeline

With the new Facebook Pages design, which all brands will need to convert to by March 30, 2012, there is no longer the ability to set a default landing tab, such as a Welcome Page tab. In addition, calls to action on the new Cover Photo are not allowed under the terms of service. So, how can you continue to get Likes on your Timeline Page? Below are five ways.

Keep in mind that it’s important to get quality Facebook fans — not just a high quantity of Facebook fans.

1. Direct people from your website to a Welcome tab – Each of your custom tabs still has a unique URL, so from your website, your email signature and other locations, your Facebook “follow us” icon can still send people directly to a Welcome iframe Page tab. On a Welcome Page tab, you can display a stronger call to action to Like your Page than you can on the new timeline cover Page. You can continue to use fan gating on your iframe Page tabs and you’ll now have more horizontal real estate within the new design for your message.

As an example, we’ve set the “Follow Us!” Facebook icon in the right sidebar of this page to go directly to our Welcome Page tab instead of to our new cover Page in Facebook.

2. Point arrows on your Page tabs to the top right – The Like button used to be in the top left area of a Page tab (the precise location would vary based on the name of the Page tab). With the new Facebook Pages, the Like button is in a fixed position on the top right of your Page tab.

If you currently have an arrow on an iframe Page tab, it should be reoriented to point to the top right. As an extreme example, here’s how Red Bull reoriented its well-known “Hint, Hint” arrow cluster:

Like Button Location New Facebook iFrame Page Tab

3. Use custom tab images as calls to action – On the new Facebook Pages, there are three visible tab images that measure 111 x 74 pixels – plenty of real estate for including text and rich images. You can get creative with these by adding call to action text within the images. Here’s how Social Identities is experimenting with a call to action to Like their Page on a custom tab image:

Facebook Custom Tab Images

Also, since you can select what the three, visible right hand tabs are, consider moving default tabs, such as your Likes tab, to the hidden tabs area so that you can use all three of the visible tabs for calls to action. The number of Likes also shows on the cover Page under your brand name.

4. Add a Like arrow to your Profile Picture – Facebook doesn’t allow calls to action on your Cover Photo, but they don’t say anything about having a call to action on your Profile Picture. You can sneak in a subtle suggestion to click the Like button that’s on the right of your cover Page.

Call to Action Facebook Profile Picture

5. Pin great content to the top of your timeline – People will be more apt to Like your Page if they see it as a source of great content that’s relevant to them. You can pin specific content to the top of your timeline and pinned posts will stay at the top for seven days. If you have a particularly popular blog post, be sure to pin it (and pin it again).

The new Facebook Pages have taken away, but they have also given some new opportunities for promoting your brand and getting people to Like your Page. It’s worth testing multiple approaches to find what works best for your brand.

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