What Makes People “Like” Facebook Pages?

Why do people “like” Facebook Pages? For businesses on Facebook, knowing the answer to this question is crucial. When someone “likes” a business page on Facebook, the new fan’s friends may see this action in their news feeds and become curious about the business. Facebook users can see that certain people are fans of brand not only from their news feeds, but also from the brand badge that appears on a fan’s profile page. These are a couple important ways that businesses can spread a brand name across Facebook’s wide and influential network.

Why Do People Like Facebook Pages

People “Like” Facebook Pages to Display Brand Loyalty

At the end of last month, online media company Burst Media released the results of their survey on social media habits. According to survey answers, half (49.1%) of people said that they proudly display brand loyalty online, and will frequently or occasionally “like” or follow brands on social media. 58.1% of all 18-34 year old men and women surveyed like brands online. 39.3% of people surveyed stated that they followed a brand to show support for it.

People “Like” Facebook Pages to Keep Up

According to the Burst Media survey, 58.1% of mothers (defined as women aged 25-54 with a household size of three or more) follow brands on social media, and 50% of these moms do so to quickly stay updated with the latest products and/or services by brands they like. 46.7% of the women surveyed who are not mothers follow brands to access special offers, coupons and/or promotions. (40.1% of moms follow for this reason, and 19.4% of men follow for this reason).

Blogger Influence

65.5%, or two-thirds of the people surveyed say that brand mentions or promotions by bloggers influence their buying decisions: just one more reason why blogging is important. Within the 18-34 year-old range, 81.2% of men and 79.8% of women are influenced by bloggers. 74.4% of moms responded that they read blogs and base decisions on bloggers’ perspectives.

Additionally, 62% of people surveyed follow blogs or other content sites on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. This is another great reason to post your blog content on social media. 44.0% of women and 30.7% follow content on social media because it’s fast and easy; they don’t need to go into their bookmarks. HubSpot conducted a similar study showing that companies that auto-publish content to social media yield 50% more leads than companies that don’t. Additionally, companies that use a social media publishing tool like MediaFunnel to schedule and publish their social media posts have three times as many leads as those that don’t.

Online Ads

25.4% of people surveyed (including 31.7% of moms) are likely to follow a brand if they see the brand in an online ad on a blog or other content site.

Why do people like Facebook Pages? To show their loyalty to brands, to keep updated on their favorite brands, or because they were inspired to follow brands by blogs or ads. Marketers should keep their blog(s) updated regularly and post their content onto Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. (Facebook posts have been studied to only engage users for 3 hours and 7 minutes). Why do people like Facebook Pages? Because businesses give users reasons why they should.

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