CoTweet AlternativeSince CoTweet® will no longer exist as a free service after February 15, 2011, many companies are looking for a free or a low cost CoTweet alternative. In the current version, MediaFunnel offers many of the same social media management features that CoTweet offers.

MediaFunnel is also coming out with a major new release in February of 2011.

Free and Low Cost CoTweet Alternative Options

MediaFunnel has a free version that allows for connecting two users to two social media accounts (Twitter and/or Facebook). We also offer a paid version, which is reasonably priced and allows for many users and connections to many social media accounts. Here’s a link to our pricing page.

In addition to a standard set of social media management features, such as scheduling, MediaFunnel includes the ability to define user roles. For example, a user can be set up as a Contributor on certain social media channels, which means that user cannot post directly through to a social media site. A Contributor’s Tweets or posts must first be reviewed by a Publisher or an Administrator.  This can help your organization avoid a social media disaster — these are becoming more common as social media for business continues to grow. We look forward to your feedback on MediaFunnel as a CoTweet alternative.

CoTweet is a registered trademark of Twitter, Inc.

A CoTweet Alternative