February 12, 2011

Zendesk Twicket Integration

Updated the Zendesk Twicket integration so that a Zendesk Ticket can be created from a Tweet from within MediaFunnel via the latest version of the Zendesk API.  Once the Ticket is created and the customer is responded to from within MediaFunnel, the process is handed off to the internal Zendesk Twicket workflow.

Concurrent Video or Image Uploading When Posting to Facebook

Added the ability to concurrently upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo (Plus accounts only), while posting content to Facebook.  Added the ability to concurrently upload an image to Amazon S3, while posting content to Facebook.

Editable Facebook Shared Link Text

The text in a Facebook shared link, which is copied from the linked page’s meta description tag, can now be edited prior to posting of the link.

Twitter Image Posting

There are now interfaces to both TwitPic and yfrog for uploading images.  The image hosting provider is selectable by channel.

Twitter Video Posting – BETA

Added the ability to upload videos to TwitVid, yfrog, YouTube or Vimeo (Plus accounts only).  There is currently no progress bar – a user needs to wait until the process is completed before leaving the screen.  Uploading of images over 20 meg in size may fail.  As with images, the video hosting provider is selectable by channel.

Twitter and Facebook Image and Video Posting via Email – BETA

Emailed image or video attachments can now be associated with posts.


  • Shortening of mixed case URLs now works properly
  • Posts that are scheduled for a date/time that’s in the past will not go out (previously, there was a warning, but the content still posted)
  • The icons on the right side of Tweets are now more consistent among pages
  • Shared Facebook links to Facebook destination URLs no longer result in an error message
  • Shared Facebook links to redirected (SSL) or intercepted URLs no longer result in an error message
  • Facebook channels that are removed under Manage Accounts will no longer display as tabs
  • The view is now automatically refreshed after a Twitter account is deleted
  • Fixed an issue in which email alerts for Mentions were not always being sent
  • A display error associated with IE and a large number of channels was fixed

January 15, 2011


  • Added a thumbnail selector for when “share a link” is selected while posting to a Facebook Page
  • Added “Create Event” functionality for Facebook
  • Added “Delete Post” for a personal Facebook news feed (This cannot be added for a Page wall post as the Facebook API does not yet support this)
  • Improved image posting to Facebook
  • Improved the loading of Facebook feeds (especially large feeds). MediaFunnel displays a spinner when it’s busy loading content from a Page and performs a reload when finished — so that the currently displayed content continues to be visible until the reload. The same applies after a post is made to Facebook.
  • Improved the removal of Facebook Accounts/Pages by making it a background task.  In the previous release a Page couldn’t be removed if there was a large number of posts – this has been resolved.
  • Users with access to many Facebook and/or Twitter accounts such that they need to scroll right on the tab bar to view additional channels are now not jumped back to the left most set of tabs after posting to a specific channel
  • Fixed the “Something Went Wrong” timeout that occurred when loading large Facebook feeds


  • Added a “delete” action so that a Tweet can be deleted from within MediaFunnel
  • When a user replies or posts after clicking the More button to go further down the list, the user will remain on that page rather than being jumped back to the top of the first page
  • Each user can add geo information via address entry or via Google Maps in their Profile


  • Added a “Set” Button to the scheduler date picker in order to make it more intuitive for users to set the date and time
  • Changed the function of the “X” in the date picker box so that it closes the box

Guest Posting

  • Implemented a Widget generator so that Guest Posting widgets can be customized to match the look and feel of a Website
  • Added the ability for a user to respond to Guest Posts that were submitted via widget, email or SMS text

URL Shortening

  • Implemented the Google URL shortener (goo.gl) and the ability for administrators to add their organization’s goo.gl API key(s)
  • Reworked URL shortening and implemented a safeguard that prevents a URL from being inadvertently truncated


  • Added the ability to assign Twitter DMs to other users
  • When a user assigns a post, MediaFunnel now “remembers” the position on the page and does not jump back to the top of the first page


  • Fixed an issue with duplicate display of Tweets in Brand Monitoring and Home
  • Fixed an issue in the Setup Wizard in which an added Brand Monitoring term did not display results
  • Improved many areas of the user interface with new Java code
  • Improved the Klout Score Filter handling and display
  • Fixed an issue with menus under Search
  • Implemented Uservoice which can be accessed under via “Feedback” menu item
  • Fixed an incorrect channel count issue that came up when admins connecte to new Twitter accounts
  • Fixed an incorrect display of the remaining SMS message credit count
  • Implemented a direct link in the trial reminder so that users can convert from a trial more easily

November 26, 2010

Migration to the Amazon EC2 Infrastructure

Moved MediaFunnel from colocated servers to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) infrastructure.

New Platform

Moved to new software platform for improved performance and reliability.

Brand Monitoring

  • Added exclusions (negative keywords) to Brand Monitoring search terms.  You can now exclude search results that contain specific words.  If you want to exclude any references to your brand that appear on job boards, for example, you can set the word “jobs” to be an excluded term.
  • Exact phrase searching has been added so that you can use quotes to create exact search terms such as “Google Apps Premier”.
  • After a new Brand Monitor term was created, the first page of results double displayed.  This has been fixed.
  • The Brand Monitoring Description now displays in several areas where a Brand Monitor search term was displaying previously.
  • The Brand Monitor report is now working properly.

Klout Integration

Klout Scores are now displayed next to Twitterers’ names.  Posts can also be filtered by an administrator-definable Klout Score range.

Instant URL Shortening

URLs are now shortened as they are entered (or pasted).  The Preview button has been removed as it is no longer needed.

New Date/Time Picker for Post Scheduling

The existing set of drop down fields for post scheduling has been replaced with a rich date/time picker.  An administrator can also now set whether the scheduler uses a 12 or 24 hour clock.

Guest Posting Enhancements

Added the ability to define Prefixes and/or Suffixes for Guest Posts, by Channel.  For example, if you want to automatically add an event #hashtag at the end of each Guest Post that’s submitted during an event, that’s now possible.

MediaFunnel users can now reply to Guest Posts, whether the posts were texted or emailed.  As a example, if a Guest voices a customer service issue via SMS, that text can now be replied to from within MediaFunnel.

There is now an option to autorespond to Guest Posts.  For example, if an audience member texts a Guest Post, they can receive an automated SMS response.

Refresh Link

Added a Refresh link to the top of all Feed pages so that a tab or navigation bar item no longer needs to be clicked in order to refresh a stream.

Other Updates & Fixes

  • The connection to a Facebook Account can now be refreshed with a single click.
  • Publishers can now view the Guest Posting queue.
  • A counter for Facebook posts has been added to warn a user if the character count is approaching or has exceeded 420.
  • Under certain circumstances, the Review Queue and Guest Posting Queue drop down list displayed the incorrect items.  This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue in which certain browsers would inappropriately auto-fill the password field with a locally cached password when an admin was editing a user record, for example.

October 29, 2010

Improved Facebook Refresh Speed

When clicking on Home or on a tab, the posts are refreshed in real time.

Login Screen Changes

Made the Login screen simpler and increased the size of text entry boxes.

Miscellaneous Fixes

Corrected several typos in the UI.  Resolved a display issue that occurred when an email address was being set up for posting.  Fixed an issue with the channel counter that did not allow a third channel to be added with the default setup.

October 9, 2010

Facebook Open Graph API Support

MediaFunnel now connects to Facebook via the Open Graph API.  This is more reliable than the previous API connection type and provides additional features and functionality.

Ability to Connect to Multiple Facebook Accounts

Previously, each MediaFunnel account could only connect to one Facebook account and to multiple Pages within that account.  Now, MediaFunnel can connect to multiple Facebook accounts.

Ability to Assign Facebook Posts

It is now possible to assign Facebook posts to MediaFunnel users for handling.

Ability to Upload Photos to a Facebook Album

Photos are now uploaded to a MediaFunnel album in Facebook.

Reporting on MediaFunnel Data

The following reports have been introduced to MediaFunnel:

  • Channel Users Report
  • Guest Post Report
  • Tweet and Post by Channel Detail Report
  • Tweet and Post by Channel Summary Report
  • Twitter Mentions by Channel Detail Report
  • Twitter Mentions by Channel Summary Report
  • Brand Monitoring Report

Improved SMS and Email Posting

Addressed issue of Guest Posting and internal user posting to MediaFunnel via SMS or email occasionally failing.

July 17, 2010

Double-Byte Characters

Added code support for double byte characters.  For example, Germanic umlaut (e.g. ü) is now supported.

Support for International Character Sets

Updated the database structure to support international character sets such as Russian and Chinese.

July 9, 2010

Assigned Posts

Added fields for Status, Topic and Priority to the Assign Post dialog.