In the January ’11 release, MediaFunnel added Google URL shortener integration.  The Google URL shortener,, has now been added as an option under Settings > Manage Accounts, 3rd Party Integration and Scheduler.

Google URL Shortener Configuration

As with, if is selected as the URL shortener for a channel, MediaFunnel’s API key is used by default.  Also as with, a MediaFunnel admin can optionally add in their organization’s own API key for a given channel or channels.  Obtaining a Google URL shortener API key requires accessing this page via a Google account login.

The main reason an organization would want to add in its own API key is to be able to eventually view all click stats in one place (such as in Google Analytics) once that type of capability is enabled by Google.

As of the time this page was published in mid-January, 2011, it does not appear that a list of URLs have all been shortened via the same API key are aggregated in a single area within a Google account, such as on the page.  The page does currently aggregate a list of URLs that have been shortened via the page itself.

Google URL Shortener Analytics

Even if MediaFunnel’s default API key is used, the analytics for any shortened URL can be viewed, since all URLs and associated click analytics are fully public.  This means that no user login is required to view stats for a given URL.

In order to view stats for any URL — your own shortened URL or one you see somewhere on the Web — all you have to do is enter the URL in a browser address bar and append the short URL with a + sign.  For example, can be entered in a browser address bar.

Here’s what the resulting page looks like: Analytics

Background on the Google URL Shortener

The Google URL shortener, originally created for internal use at Google, was first released to the public in September, 2010 as announced by Matt Cutts of Google in his blog.

The shortener is reportedly very fast and has not had any downtime since it was released.

Google did not release an API immediately — the API was released in January, 2011.  It was only with the release of the API that the Google URL shortener could be integrated with MediaFunnel using a method that’s been officially published by Google.