Social Media Management for CollegesYou are a college or university and are looking to increase your exposure on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

The Issues You’re Facing

You’re looking for creative ways to increase your school’s social media exposure. You want to better engage your student body and attract quality students in the future.  It’s also important to stay top of mind with alumni and your local community.

Involving both staff and students in creating social media content around a variety of topics will increase your exposure among your key audience.  Colleges and universities have a steady stream of interesting news around research, events, partnerships and more.  This news needs to be continually promoted on social media channels in as real-time a way as possible.

How MediaFunnel Can Benefit Your College or University

MediaFunnel gives you a central console to manage all your contributors and your different social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook.  With MediaFunnel, you can:

  • Invite students to be involved with content creation as moderated Contributors
  • Publicize events to your local community
  • Engage your student body with relevant, real-time information
  • Attract quality high school seniors to your institution
  • Stay top of mind with alumni