Social Media Management for Community BanksYou are a community bank and you are looking for ways to improve and increase engagement with customers on Twitter, Facebook and on other social media channels.

The Issues Community Banks are Facing

As a regulated institution, your community bank needs to exercise caution as to what to publish to social media channels. However, as with all industries, your banking customers are expecting to be able to communicate with you on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Social media has become a key customer relationship touch point.

Your bank may have adopted multiple Twitter handles for functions such as: customer service; careers; news; and community outreach. However, you need a centralized platform for managing your internal social media contributors and your multiple social media accounts.

You want to be able to effectively use social media to publicize valuable new resources for customers and new service offerings that your bank is providing.

How Social Media Management Can Benefit Your Community Bank

MediaFunnel allows your team to monitor Twitter and Facebook for any mentions from banking customers that should be addressed. Tweets and posts can be assigned to the right individual or team so that a social customer service response can occur in as timely a fashion as possible.

With MediaFunnel’s approval processes, you can ensure that certain social content is not published until it has been reviewed by a manager.

MediaFunnel also allows for more participants in the development of social content and in directing your bank’s customers to sources of information. This will help your team better manage relationships with customers and make sure that your customers are always highly informed.