Social Media for Local Goverment

You are part of a local government or a council and you are looking for ways to improve and increase engagement with residents on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels.

The Issues Local Governments are Facing

Residents in many societies are increasingly using social media channels to communicate with their local governments. For example, if a resident notices something that needs attention such as a pothole, a sidewalk defect, graffiti — or some other hazard or eyesore — the resident is more likely to simply Tweet about their concern than ever before.

Local governments also need to be able to broadcast information to their followers, such as road closures, weather advisories, disaster preparedness events, volunteer opportunities and more.

Local governments and councils can use social media to publicize valuable new resources for residents such as 311 services, survey results, new programs and other important information that residents might not otherwise be aware of — but that will improve the quality of their lives or the efficiency of their businesses.

How MediaFunnel Can Benefit Your Local Government

MediaFunnel allows your team to monitor Twitter and Facebook for any mentions from local residents that should be addressed. Tweets and posts can be assigned to the right individual or team so that a social customer service response can occur in as timely a fashion as possible.

MediaFunnel also allows for more participants in the development of social content and in directing residents to important new sources of information. This will help your team tighten relationships with the local community and make sure that residents are as informed as possible.