You’re an agency and your clients are relying on you to continually enhance their social media exposure and effectiveness.

The Issues You’re Facing

You are managing segments of social media presences for many clients.  Each of your clients has multiple social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms, and these accounts are targeted at different segments and geographies.

In some cases, your clients want to make sure that the information that’s posted is verified by their senior staff or yours before it’s published for the world to see.  You also need to be able to coordinate the messaging with your clients without using email to approve and decide on content.

You are responsible for monitoring the Twittersphere and Facebook on behalf of your clients and then synthesizing what’s relevant to them.

How MediaFunnel Can Benefit Your PR Agency

MediaFunnel gives you a central console to manage all your internal users and your clients.  It allows you to:

  • Collaborate with your clients
  • Expand the number of content creators for your clients
  • Reduce reliance on email communication
  • Exercise editorial control over certain content contributors
  • Plan campaigns and schedule future releases of tweets and Facebook Page posts
  • Obtain content from mobile device users
  • Include event participants in the social media process via Guest Posting
  • Monitor clients’ brands on social media
  • Ensure your clients’ management teams are always on top of relevant conversations and are addressing those that have the most impact on their businesses
  • Analyze results and provide data that justifies a social media presence