You’re a radio station or a radio group with multiple stations and you have adopted a social media strategy.

The Issues You’re Facing

As a radio station, you are looking for additional ways to promote events.   You have multiple social media contributors, and your strategy dictates that your maintain multiple social media accounts within Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

You want interns to post to your social media accounts, but you may want to edit content before it’s posted.

What MediaFunnel Can Do For Your News Organization

MediaFunnel gives each of your staff and D.J.’s their own logins to a single platform from which you can manage content on multiple social media accounts, across multiple radio stations.

Content from each contributor can be tagged with their initials or Twitter handle to allow for personal branding within your overall social media presence.

Optional, editorial control allows content from users, such as interns, to be reviewed before it’s publicly posted to Twitter and Facebook.   Contribution via SMS allows content to be provided from any mobile device that supports text.

You can also monitor for mentions of your brand on Twitter and respond to comments from your listeners.