You’re a retail organization and you have an established social media strategy with accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The Issues You’re Facing

As a retail company, you’re consistently looking for more and better ways to engage your customers and build your marketing lists.   You are looking to develop in-store promotions that will, in turn, allow your customers to promote your brand on Twitter and Facebook.

How MediaFunnel Can Benefit Your Retail Operation

MediaFunnel allows your customers to contribute directly to your Twitter and/or Facebook social media streams via our Guest Posting feature. Guest Posts can be submitted via Web site widget, SMS or email. All Guest Posts are subject to editorial review, so you can control content that’s displayed in your stores.

Guest Posting also allows you to capture customers’ mobile numbers and email addresses — which will increase your marketing reach in your stores’ local market areas.

Improve Your Social Media Presence

With support for multiple internal users as well, MediaFunnel will increase the quantity and quality of your social media posts. Tweet and post assignment lets you assign customer posts to the people who can best respond to customer service issues.