Could Have Been Using MediaFunnelThis page is dedicated to Tweets and other social media posts that could have used some editorial review before going out.  This page could just as easily be called We Could’ve Been Using MediaFunnel.  Please submit any examples of shameful social media posts to wallofshame[at]mediafunnel[dot]com.

Major Car Manufacturer’s Tweeter Profanely Criticizes Local Drivers

This may have been a simple case of someone Tweeting to the wrong account (business instead of personal), but it’s shameful nonetheless.

Chrysler Tweet

Athlete’s Tweets Raise Some Eyebrows

Apparently, this was not the first time that “conversationalist and professional athlete” Rashard Mendenhall had been overly conversational for some peoples’ liking:

American Red Cross Tweeter Goes Way Off Script

The social media policy manual probably did not condone this Tweet:

American Red Cross Tweet