7 Holiday Social Media Campaign Ideas

Holiday Social Media Campaign IdeasWe all know that the holidays signal the season of spending. Regardless of whether or not you work in retail, you can definitely use social media to help your business during this commercially active time of year. Here are some social media campaign ideas for the holiday season.

Retail Business Social Media Campaign Ideas

• Chances are that you are already using a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and an email newsletter to drive business. If you do not have some of these in place, add them to your Web presence. Social media is integral to today’s product marketing — more than ever, customers are buying online. Take advantage of these tools to create a workflow from social media to landing page to customer checkout.

• If you are already using social media channels to promote your brand, post updates and send email alerts about upcoming holiday promotions. Be sure to include images of your products. Post or create your own relevant videos to keep visitors on your page. Let potential customers know about sales dates far in advance so that they can plan ahead. Use holiday, shopping, or product-related hashtags in your Tweets.

• Wish lists are a great way to help potential customers get excited about giving or receiving your product. Consider adding a wish list application for both the visitor who is asking for specific gifts and the customer who is looking for gifts to give. The wish list will help organize and simplify both of their processes.

• Shoppers are busy during the holiday season and may not have time to sit down in front of their computers. One thing they’ll always have in hand, however, is their mobile phone. In fact, four percent of Cyber Monday shopping was completed on smartphones in 2010, and this percentage is estimated to go up in 2011. (Source: Digby.com) Make sure that your company’s website is optimized for mobile. Also confirm that users can easily make purchases within the app and don’t need to spend too much time figuring it out. Use large buttons on your mobile-optimized pages to make it easy for customers to navigate through the purchasing process.

General Business Social Media Campaign Ideas

• Use the holidays to create a fresh look for your brand. Make your website’s home page festive, create a seasonal Facebook welcome tab, and consider using a holiday background for your company’s Twitter profile. Send out holiday e-cards to loyal fans. Remember that people’s eyes are naturally drawn to images, and that there will be a lot of other brands competing for their attention at this time.

• Don’t forget to be inclusive of both those who observe specific religious holidays and those who do not. Use generic holiday themes, if possible.

• Remember to take photos of your holiday company events and post them on your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. They will add a warm, festive, human element to your brand.

These are just a few starter tips to help you take advantage of the holiday spirit and bring attention to your brand. There are some easy and fun social media campaign ideas that will make your holiday marketing promotions grab more attention and make it easier for people to buy your product.

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