Study Reveals How Businesses Use Social Media

Over the last few years it has become increasingly important for businesses to have a social media presence. Some businesses use only a single platform, such as Facebook, while most companies use a combination of one or more social platforms (for example, both Facebook and Twitter) to get their messages across.

SEO software provider SEOmoz conducts an industry survey annually on SEO and internet marketing. Their results from this year have provided insight into how marketers are now using social media for business. Check out the results below and see how your organization compares.

How Do Businesses Use Social Media?

SEOmoz surveyed around 6500 people; here is what they found.

Top 5 types of marketing used by survey participants: See below; social media/community management is very important to marketers today.

Businesses Use Social Media

Platforms: Marketers spend the most amount of time on Facebook and Twitter, followed by Google+ and YouTube. See the full breakdown below.

Businesses Use Social Media

Business Use of Social Media: Their Specific Strategic Moves

So what do these topics and platforms mean? What did marketers this year actually do? Below are some specific steps that marketers took to promote their brands.

Businesses Use Social MediaTake a look at the marketing moves above and compare them to your organization’s. Businesses use social media in different ways; the study shows some effective steps that your team can use as an initial guide.

Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts

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