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LinkedIn Company PagesLooking to create an easier interface for its clients, the social networking site LinkedIn recently announced it is making changes to its company pages and redesigning the look and feel for easier use.

For those who don’t know about LinkedIn company pages, the social networking site links professionals together in a virtual networking environment. It allows professionals manage their online identities and gain insight and advice from friends, colleagues, and companies they want to learn more about and find job opportunities.

The company pages themselves gives businesses the tools to showcase their brand and spread the word about company changes, job openings and news.

LinkedIn’s Company Pages New Look & Feel

For members and businesses with LinkedIn company pages, the redesign means easier access to company information giving clients and companies a more powerful tool to build relationships and target audiences. The general changes for company pages break down like this:

  • The overall look and feel of the company pages will change but there will be no new features.

  • Company updates and products and services will be featured more prominently on the page.

  • Companies will have more control over branding and can add an images and logos to the cover page.

  • Company pages will be available on Androids, iPhones and iPad apps.

  • Company updates will be more prominently featured on the front page so businesses can target relevant information to their audiences and job seekers.

  • More prominently displayed Career Pages will allow job seekers to easily learn more about a company and their brand.

  • The “About” section of company pages will be moved to the bottom of the page below the updates.

LinkedIn Products & Services Page

In addition to the aesthetic design changes to its business pages, LinkedIn is redesigning the products and services pages as well. These changes include:

  • Highlighting names, companies, job titles and profile images of LinkedIn users on the right sidebar who have recommended products and services.

  • This change prominently highlights testimonials and recommendations putting a company’s achievements in a positive light.

    On the same sidebar, any videos added to the page will be displayed along with highlighted users.

With any changes to products, services, or websites, there are some distracters and naysayers grumbling over the new design but for the most part, the changes have been met positively by businesses with LinkedIn company pages. Larger companies like American Express, Citi, Philips, Dell, and HP’s pages have already been converted and LinkedIn says the rest of the changes will be rolled out later this year.

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