Pinterest for Business: How Does It Work?

Pinterest is the new social media platform offering users virtual “pinboards,” and it’s getting more popular by the minute. So how does people posting stuff they’re “Pinterested in” help your business?

Pinterest for Business

It’s pretty simple, actually.  As a business owner, you want photos and videos about your company to be “pinned” by someone so that everyone else on the site can see them and want to share them.

This is an ideal medium for retailers, whose products are being constantly showcased by many current pinners. However, you can make Pinterest work for your business no matter what industry you’re in, just by posting relevant and eye-catching photos and videos. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Create a Pinterest Page for your company. Here’s an example of Nordstrom’s Pinterest page.
  2. Add a “Follow me on Pinterest” button to your company’s website, emails, Facebook page, etc.

Pinterest for Business Follow Button

3. Add a Pin-It Button to each of your products so that users can “pin” your items to their boards. Follow these instructions.

Pinterest for Business Pin It Button

Use this growing social bookmarker to your advantage and make some space on Pinterest for your business.

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