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RebelMouse - The Mouse

RebelMouse is an application that’s designed to automatically display a brand’s published content, using a variety of social media sites as content sources.

RebelMouse aggregates this content in a multi-column, responsive visual format. Currently supported social media platforms for automatic publishing are Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Google+. Tumblr and Pinterest can be added as RSS feeds. RebelMouse has been rapidly adding new connections and new functionality.

RebelMouse also offers a WordPress plugin so that a brand’s RebelMouse page can easily be embedded within a blog site or website. Here’s MediaFunnel’s embedded RebelMouse page.

Which Brands Are Using RebelMouse?

RebelMouse is still using terms like “beta” and “early” (emails come from “Early RebelMouse”), but the company has already picked up many high-profile brands including The Wall Street Journal, Yamaha and Oakley.

Yamaha on RebelMouse

RebelMouse seems to be a a natural fit for any media property. So far, the adoption by B2B companies seem to have been slower than by that of personal brands, B2C companies and media properties. As a result, many B2B brands have already been squatted with respect to the standard, http://rebelmouse/<yourbrand> URL. However, RebelMouse is planning to add domains and subdomains for a small fee.

One of RebelMouse’s investors, and understandably a strong advocate, is Gary Vaynerchuk, whose personal brand’s website home page is his embedded RebelMouse social front page.

Why Use RebelMouse?

Why would a brand want to layer RebelMouse on top of its social media presence? One reason is that RebelMouse gives brands another exposure point — with minimal to zero maintenance needed. In fact, brands can simply take a “set it and forget it” approach with RebelMouse by connecting their account to various social media accounts and letting the application harvest and display new content.

Brands can also take an active role with their RebelMouse account. For example, a RebelMouse user can manually publish a link, photo, video or blog post in a similar way how they would content within other platforms.

Selected posts can be frozen so that they don’t get pushed down the page when new content arrives. A call to action post could be frozen in the top, right corner in order to maximize click throughs. We have however, found that frozen posts can occassionally “drift” into other positions as new content automatically arrives.

RebelMouse offers a minimalist yet flexible approach to manual posting. When a user adds a link, to say a blog post, RebelMouse does not generally present the user with an image from the source content page, nor does it automatically add the meta description or a body text snippet. Users have free reign to a add any visual asset and/or text of their choosing.

RebelMouse Add Post

While RebelMouse does not allow for commenting on others’ pages, a logged in user can easily repost a post from any other RebelMouse page and add post comments on their own page.

Current RebelMouse customers are using the application to drive traffic to their blogs, their news stories, their videos, to their Pinterest accounts and more. Brands are also using RebelMouse to display a variety of relevant content to their audiences, even if the content is not the brand’s own.

Undoubtedly, RebelMouse will continue to roll out new functionality on a consistent basis. In the meantime, our recommendation is to “reserve your seat today” on RebelMouse.


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