Social Media Market Share 2012

Social Media Market Share

Who’s big in 2012, and what’s in store for the social media market’s future? Check out the ranked industry leaders below.

Social Media Market Share of Visits: Leaders

I researched the popular social networking sites listed below and discovered their market share of visits with respect to one another as wells as their market share with respect to some of the less popular social networking sites (Yelp, Myspace, Tagged, myYearbook, etc). The data comes from Hitwise, a company that continuously tracks website hits for a sample of 10 million U.S. users. All website visits are counted, even if one user visits multiple social media sites. Here are their most recent stats:

Facebook – Facebook’s market share of visits currently stands at 63.76%. eMarketer estimates that Facebook’s ad revenue will increase by 52% to about $5.78 billion in 2012.

YouTube ­­– YouTube’s market share of visits is at 19.73%. Experts expect YouTube to be increasingly used by small businesses in the future.

Twitter – Twitter’s market share of visits is 1.53%. Analysts predict that Twitter will grow as a newsource and link referrer.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn’s market share of visits is at 0.75%. Trefis expects its share to change in relation with the unemployment rate. If employment is up, people are less likely to use the site for job searches and networking, and vice versa. Trefis also estimates that the number of LinkedIn’s unique monthly visitors will reach around 250 million by 2018.

Pinterest – Pinterest’s market share of visits has almost doubled from 0.39% to 0.69% in just the past month. In fact, it is now the fastest standalone website to reach the 10 million visitors mark. Techcrunch estimates that 97% of Pinterest’s Facebook likes are from women.

Google+ – Google+’s market share is lagging behind at 0.43%. Still, the founder of expects it to have 400 million users by the end of 2012.

To discover the market share of visits for less popular social media networking sites, visit

Social Media Market Share – The Stock Market

Facebook’s IPO filing has investors interested in other social media stocks. Overall, social media stocks have gained 35% in 2012. LinkedIn shares are up 35%; Zynga’s are up 53%; RenRen (China’s “Facebook”) shares are up 53%; and shares of Quepasa (Latin America’s “Facebook”) are up 37%.



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