To Connect to a Facebook Account

1. From the menu, click Settings

2. On the Settings page, click on Manage Accounts, 3rd Party Integration and Scheduler

3. Under Facebook Accounts, click on Add Facebook Account

4. Log into your Facebook account and follow the prompts provided by Facebook

To Activate Specific Facebook Pages

Once you have successfully connected to a Facebook account, you will see a list of pages for which you are an admin.  Click on the Create Channel button in the right-hand column to activate a Facebook page.


1. Rename the channel by clicking on the text in the Name column, editing the name and then clicking Save

2. Click on the Inactive button in the Scheduler column to activate and set up the Scheduler

3. Click on the Modify button in the 3rd Party Integration column to enable URL shortening and other options

You can connect to additional Facebook accounts and Pages by following the same process