If Twitter makes a major change to its API, you’ll need to reauthorize each of your Twitter accounts in MediaFunnel.

First, an administrator needs to log into MediaFunnel. The administrator will also need to have the username (or email address) and password for each Twitter account.  Here are the steps:

1. Go to Settings

2.  Click on “Manage Accounts, 3rd Party Integration and Scheduler”

3. For EACH Twitter account, click on “Added” in the “Credentials” column

4. Click on “Validate Twitter Credentials” in the next screen

5.  In the Twitter Authorize screen, sign into the corresponding Twitter account (NOTE: Make sure that you are not signed into your personal Twitter account. If you are, sign out).

6. Enter the Twitter username (or email address) and password for the account and click on “Authorize app”

7. You will then be redirected back into MediaFunnel.  The connection for that Twitter account will be refreshed

8.  Repeat the process starting at Step 3) for each Twitter account.

This video also goes through the steps:

YouTube Preview Image