How Can Businesses Measure Twitter ROI?

Twitter ROIIs your business getting leads from Twitter? There’s only one way to find out — by tracking the paths of your Twitter followers.

Twitter ROI: Analytics

One way to measure your Twitter ROI is to use an tool like Google Analytics, which is a free application. Google Analytics will allow you to see how many visitors to your website came from your Twitter page. Google recently launched a shiny new “Social Value” section within their Analytics to ease this process. You can also tie your inbound marketing/analytics software (such as Hubspot, for example) to your CRM (customer relationship management) system. You’ll then be able to see whether the visitors gained through your Twitter page have become actual sales leads. You’ll also be able to compare how effective your Twitter strategies are in comparison to your other marketing initiatives.

Twitter ROI

Twitter ROI: Growth

If you have implemented Twitter Ads or are testing other Twitter strategies, make sure that they’re actually growing your Twitter reach.  Check your follower count each month and calculate how much it has increased over time. Are your strategies working? Are they worth your valuable time and money?

Twitter ROI: Educate Leads

Pamela Vaughan of Hubspot recommends that marketers try to educate their Twitter leads as much as possible before sending them off to the sales department. Send your leads informative emails, blogs posts, or ebooks to make sure that they fully understand your product or service.

Twitter ROI: Are Twitter Users Clicking On Your Links?

To see how many times users visit a link (or links) in your Tweet(s), go to bitly. If you have a social media dashboard, you are probably already using a URL shortener like bitly to shorten the links within your Tweets. To analyze how popular they are, create a free bitly account, go to the “Analyze” tab, and simply enter your bitly link into the search box. Bitly will show you how many clicks your link has received. Now you have a better idea of what content your audience is drawn to. If you analyze a bitly link to a crucial page on your website, you’ll be able to see how much Twitter is helping you get leads. Perhaps you need to write your Tweets in a more compelling manner?

These days, most businesses are — and should be — on Twitter. Make sure to periodically analyze whether you are using Twitter to your full ROI advantage. For more Twitter best practices, take a look at these posts: Twitter Ads Are Now Available for Small Businesses, The Best Time to Tweet, Twitter Brand Pages Are Here.

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