Twitter Ads Are Now Available for Small Businesses

Twitter AdsOn March 26, 2012, Twitter announced that American Express will be notifying eligible Cardmembers and merchants that they can now use Twitter advertising. Twitter will gradually allow more and more businesses the opportunity to advertise with them.

Twitter Ads: How Do They Work?

Check out Twitter’s informative video below on how their advertising (Promoted Products) works. Twitter explains that their team will continually manage the advertising accounts of small businesses throughout their partnership, and insists that the advertising program is as easy as tweeting. (Register here.) Here are the two types of Promoted Products:

Promoted Accounts: Put your small business name in front of potentially new Twitter followers.

Promoted Tweets: Target important messages from your business to people who might be interested in these messages — at exactly the right moment.

 Twitter Ads: How Much Do They Cost?

Small businesses working with Promoted Products must pay for each time that someone new follows their account (if they have Promoted Accounts) and/or each time someone engages with (Clicks, Retweets, Replies, Favorite’s, etc.) their Promoted Tweet.

Daily Spend Limit: Small businesses can determine how much they’d like to spend a day on advertising, and specifically how much they’d like to spend on each new follower or Tweet engagement.

Twitter Ads: More Options

Geotargeting: Businesses can also choose where on the globe they’d like their content to be promoted. If you’re a small boutique, for example, perhaps you’d like to promote to Twitter users in your neighborhood who want to stroll into somewhere nearby.

Web and Mobile: If you use Promoted Products, your advertising will also be viewable by on-the-go mobile users.

To learn more about using Twitter for business, check out our past posts on the subject: The Best Time to Tweet, Twitter Brand Pages Are Here, and 7 Tips For Getting More Twitter Followers.

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