Create Twitter Brand Page Backgrounds to Allure Your Audience

Twitter Brand PageWith this New Year’s Eve marking Twitter’s highest number of Tweets per second (33,388), it is evident that the popularity of Twitter — and the Twitter brand page — is only going upward. Now more than ever, it is vital for managers to create a Twitter page for their business in order to remain relevant to their markets. One way to attract followers is to appeal to their visual sense. Here are some ways to keep Twitter followers coming back.

Twitter Brand Page Imagery

Use a Strong Image – Vogue’s Twitter page (below) features a sleak, simple design that stays in line with the magazine’s penchant for stylish photography. It is also timely, highlighting the magazine’s current cover celebrity. Consider using large, strong, and clear images for a Twitter page.

Twitter Brand Page

 Use An Identifiable Image – T-Mobile keeps its iconic motorcyclist flowing through its television and social media campaigns. Make a company icon memorable by reiterating it as a Twitter background.

Twitter Brand Page

Twitter Brand Page Functionality

Call Users to Action Invite users to connect with a brand (as Microsoft has) by offering other social media platform options, including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Twitter Brand Page

Put Faces to Your Support Team – It is often easier for larger organizations to create a separate Twitter account purely for customer support, as BlackBerry has done. Make your team members more than just cotags by displaying photos of them on your Twitter background.

Twitter Brand Page

These are just a few ways to reel in future Twitter followers. Continue viewing Twitter pages with large followings and imitate their best practices. Twitter brand page backgrounds aren’t the only thing to worry about – check out our posts on measuring Twitter ROI and hashtag use.

Evenly Distribute Your Tweets Over Time

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