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We were originally inspired to create MediaFunnel along with one of its foundational features – user roles – through our experience using the popular content management system (CMS) and blogging platform, WordPress. We realized that what was good for long form content would eventually be good for micro content. So, MediaFunnel can be thought of as CMS 2.0 – a content management and engagement system for the growing world of social media for business. The content management part has come full circle, with our recent addition of support for and Tumblr.

We have strived to create an agile and flexible platform so that our business customers can have easy, internally shared connections to important new technologies — technologies that can help them spread their brand messages and engage their audiences. We look forward to having your company achieve greater success with social media using the MediaFunnel platform.

Companity, Inc.

Companity is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, between the Golden Gate Bridge and wine country.

Companity, Inc.
1163 Francisco Blvd E.
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